Bio – Cassy L Balk

Cassy L Balk

Meet Cassy she is a strong believer every person is unique in their own way and style, as it is in the lash world. She believes the eye is the window to the soul to the beauty of the beholder and together you can draw the attention back to them.

Who knew something so simple as eyelash extensions would make such a difference to a woman’s attitude and self confidence? The confidence boost clients get from realizing they no longer need makeup to leave the house is so empowering! People think lashes are a high maintenance procedure, but in fact they help cutting your getting ready time in half, which makes a huge difference in your morning routines. They’re very versatile, universally flattering, and you can still achieve a natural look with them on. They’re ideal for all types of women, and to be able to wake up looking fresh, vibrant, and awake is priceless to my lovely lash ladies.

Cassy always wanting to master and provide the latest techniques to her clients, she continues to work yearly on studying and training. By specializing only in eyelash extensions, she is able to focus on quality, consistency, and a safe, damage-free application of eyelash extensions specifically tailored to her client’s facial features and lifestyle

“My goal is to empower every single person that graces me with their presence in feeling beautiful and confident.” – Cassy


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