Scar & Stretchmark Resurface

“ I’m so impressed with the post-op scaring resurfacing treatment results. My scaring already looks so much better after just ONE treatment!! Hoping once the skin peels they will look even better in a few days. I feel like I’ve had better results from this ONE treatment than from the laser treatments I’ve had done on them. I can’t wait to see my results after my series of sessions. I’m hoping as the scars fade even more I’ll finally feel confident enough to wear short sleeve this summer!" – Happy Client

Scar and stretchmark resurfacing

We cocktailed together two very non-invasive but result driven treatments into one! We are the only one’s with this exclusive treatment. Ideally suited for those who want a double boost in skin firmness, lighten scaring and change to skin structure of your stretch marks. The skin cells regenerate at a much faster rate than any other collagen inducing treatment and results can be seen in as immediately after or as little as 7 days!!! 

What is plasma energy

Cold Plasma Ozone skin regeneration is a non-laser treatment that uses a device to deliver energy in the form of plasma to rejuvenate skin by. Plasma energy is delivered deep into the skin without disturbing the skin’s surface. This creates ideal conditions in the dermal layers of the skin and stimulates natural growth and rejuvenation factors, such as collagen. Plasma, one of the four fundamental states of matter The generated energy or activated ionized gas, is emitted the dermis skin layer in micro-pulses triggering the body’s wound healing response. This also opens the skin channels for the next step. 

What is liquid bio-microneedling

The key ingredient is SPONGE SPICULES, which is a pure and natural biological extract. It is much more advanced than algae and seaweed and 100% natural without any chemicals or acid.

It is a tiny needle that can only be seen with a microscope. 3-5 MILLION needles are pierced into the skin at the same time through hand massage. This will speed up skin metabolism and stimulate collagen regeneration. They are so small they can penetrate into your skin pores and deeper into the dermis. This stimulates the body’s scar healing response and increases skin cell renewal. The creation of collagen and elastin is initiated as your skin heals, giving a scar and stretchmark resurfacing effect.

  • Scar and stretch mark reduction
  • Skin tightening
  • Skin hydration
  • Lifting and rejuvenation
  • Smooth skin and increase the elasticity
  • Reduce stretch marks
  • Reduce scaring pigmentation
  • Increase plumpness and younger looking skin
How many

We recommend every 2-3 weeks until results are achieved. Recommended 3-7 sessions to start.

After care

We will recommend the products needed after your treatment and send you home with an aftercare goody bag with aftercare instructions. We send you home with a neutralizing healing spray and hyaluronic serum to help yield any itching, tightness or pricking. We recommend purchasing our numbing to take the pickiness edge of within 24 hours you can also ice. It’s important to feed your skin after these treatments for optimal results.

What to expect after

Redness possibly swelling can occur in most people immediately after and usually subsides with 24 hours, this is a normal reaction. You will feel little picks when touching your skin this will subside in about 24-48 hours. You will feel relatively dry for the first few days after the treatment because of the skin cell renewal process. You will be given a post-procedure pack to take care of your skin following your treatment. Peeling can be expected from day 3, which is a normal response and can treatment. Peeling effect may take place and varies client to client.

Treatments offered

MOMMY TUMMY loose skin, stretch marks, surgery scaring, pregnancy line are tackled with our very own protocol.

BREAST SCARING RESURFACING: Must be at least 6 weeks healed post breast augmentation surgery. Scaring is tackled with our very own protocol.

INNER | OUTER THIGHS: Thigh stretch marks are tackled with our very own protocol. 

POST-OP SCARING RESURFACING: Must be at least 6 weeks healed post surgery. Scaring is tackled with our very own protocol.

MEN STRETCH-MARKS: Men’s stretchmarks from weight gain or weight use or increase in muscle mass from weight lifting are tackled with our very own protocol.

How much


Packages available 

Buy 3 get 1 1/2 OFF 

Buy 6 get 1 FREE


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