“This all-inclusive microdermabrasion treatment was a gem find. She used like 4 different machine functions on my skin. I couldn’t believe what was all included. From ultrasound to laser. I left with immediate youthful smooth results. – Grace

Go Beyond Microdermabrasion

SkinMaster™ Skin Rejuvenation™ System is an all-inclusive facial system.

Exciting, new, particle free non-invasive technology provides a safe, gentle, painless and highly effective solution for some of the most common skin conditions and skin types.

Microdermabrasion has emerged as today’s top leading cosmetic procedure. The SkinMaster System™ is proven to be safe, gentle and effective. It offers far more than the simple exfoliation provided by conventional microdermabrasion. This targeted treatment immediately improves your skin’s texture, tone and appearance in a pleasant and effective manner.

How does the SkinMaster System™ work

The SkinMaster System™ utilizes targeted mechanical and electrical energy for outstanding beauty results. It provides a unique program utilizing new technology and targeted Oxygen products to give you amazing results.

What are the benefits

Using an effective and safe process, Microdermabrasion uncovers new skin that is free from dead cells, excess oil, dirt, germs, bacteria and cosmetic residue. The skin is cleansed and is now ready to easily absorb water and skin care products. This also helps speed the skin’s normal cell renewal process from approximately 32 days to 16 days.  Without Microdermabrasion, your new skin cells cannot come forward resulting in sluggish, dull looking skin, congestion and maybe even dry patches.


How does it work

Ultra-sonic wet peel uses a unique Bi-Elastic power blade to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the outer layer of the epidermis. Peels 35-55% of the stratum corneum. The power blade transmits vibrations known as “Elastic Waves” at a frequency as high as 25,000 cycles per second creating controlled cavitations, which works like a vacuum lifting dead skin cells and debris from the skin. This is gentle and safe on all skin types with no down time or peeling of the skin. Each client’s treatment will be customized to his or her skin needs.

How often should I get

Results are seen after the very first treatment; however, by using the by using our skincare line at home, much more dramatic results will be visible after a series of treatments.  We recommend you follow a once a month (treatment) plan for maintenance.

You are strongly encouraged to have at least one facial treatment of any kind every 30 days minimum to help with your cellular metabolism.

Treatments SkinMaster™

Experience four intense treatments in one treatment. Help accelerate your cell turn over for healthier more beautiful skin using an ultra-sonic wet peel EXFOLIATION TREATMENT. This treatment also reduces blackheads/whiteheads while helping to even out skin tone and texture. The RENEWAL TREATMENT will plump up your skin leaving your skin looking firm, hydrated and toned. 

The intense MOISTURE TREATMENT will heighten the effects of moisturizers and hydrators hydrating your skin from the inside out.  Finally, wake-up tired drained skin with the CIRCULATION TREATMENT that dramatically increases blood flow to the skin’s surface facilitating skin nourishment and renewal.

Fine lines are addressed with targeted products and machine energy.  Age spots, sun damage and other discoloration problems are targeted and controlled.  Experience four to six intense treatments in one treatment.

We will discuss the 4 products needed after your treatment and sent you home with an aftercare goody bag with aftercare instructions.

How much

$150 – SkinMD

$170 –   SkinMD + Peel

$195 –   SkinMD + Dermaplane 

All treatments include LED Mask and High Frequency 

$49 – Add your chest and neck to any facial treatment. Extra time needed and cost. It is beneficial to add neck and chest.


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