Keratin Lash Lift

“When I was handed the mirror after my service was complete, I was genuinely shocked. My blonde, sparse, short lashes were completely transformed in just an hour.” – Marie
Keratin lash bomb
We call this service “LASH BOMB”. Love the look of your natural lashes, but wanted to add in a little height, volume and length? Our Keratin Lash Lift and Tint treatment curls your natural lashes upward for a boost in appearance, making your lashes immediately longer and stronger. We recommend you continue this treatment at least 3 times for the greatest strengthening and lengthening results.
How long does it last

Lasts 6-8 weeks and comes in three different size levels of ‘lift’.  No extensions are used in this service. The process uses cream based solutions for optimal safety.

Products used

The products used pushes the lash industry standards with breakthrough lash technology, cutting edge education, and a network of professionals who are committed to Avant-garde lash services around the globe. Quality is at the heart of everything we offer.

Keratin is a deep conditioning with 23 plant based ingredients, this NEW formula will promote healthy hair growth, protect hair against premature loss while nourishing the hair shaft. By eliminating dryness this will reduce hair stress, protect from damage and provide a healthy, beautiful grow out for all of your lashes. We love and care about the integrity of you lashes!
My pre-op

No contacts can be worn to any of our eye services. To ensure the best results of your service it is very important that NO eye makeup or mascara is worn to your appointment.


For one don’t get wet for 24 hours. We will send you home with aftercare instructions.

Guess what

Infinique Skin & Spa is the first spa in the Fox Valley to offer the Lash Lift service and offering since 2004.

Recommended products

Have shorter lashes? We suggest using Grande Lash-MD serum, gummies and keratin mascara to promote longer, thicker looking lashes.

How much

$95 – Keratin lash bomb

The staff is Pro certified and master lash certified in a couple different high quality brands.


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