Before & After Gallery

Here is a sampling of pre and post procedure photos of some of my clients. Note that most of the “after” photos shown here were taken immediately after the procedure (as opposed to the follow-up visit weeks later which is considered a “healed” photo). The client is wearing no other make-up. The skin around the application area may appear “rosy” and “swollen” which is normal and will subside. 

Pigments will seem bright, dark and intense right after the procedure, this is not how the client will heal. There may be left over purple guide marks, which is used to draw on the client. The shine you may notice is post-procedure ointment that soothes and aids healing. Viewing photos taken immediately after a procedure is important because it makes a statement about the technique and skill level of the practitioner.

Microblading Brows
Hybrid Brow
Hairline Miroblading
Permanent Eyeliner
Brow & Eyeliner
Designer Eyeliner/Shadow
Permanent Lipliner/Color
Permanent Areola (Nipple) Restoration
Permanent Correction Procedures
Brow Lamination
Lash Lift
Classic Lash Extensions
Hybrid Lash Extensions
Mega Lash Extensions

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