Nano Infusion

“I was looking for an intense facial treatment but was way too scared of needles and worried about pain. This was the best treatment I ever had. I get both the Dermaplaning and Nano Infusion monthly and my skin has never looked so good” – Janet 
Our Nano-infusion treatment

This treatment includes but not limited to a enzyme cleanse, ultrasonic cleanse, serviced with or without dermaplaning, a customized mask, intense contour mask or hydro jelly, a facial massage, and nano infusion with a individually complex blend of rejuvenating oils that awaken your skin cells. Your skin will drink up this amazing elixir, showing off a beautiful, youthful glow! This is a great treatment for any skin type and condition. Individually customized.

What is nano-infusion

Nano infusion refers to an intensive transdermal delivery of active ingredients to effectively skin conditions. If you are someone scared of needles and microneedling isn’t for you this is your alternative. Creating micro-channels rather than micro-incisions. It is 100% safe, non-invasive only entering the top layer of the skin. There is little to no downtime, yet extremely effective. 

The handheld device uses many pyramid-like nano heads. Each head is smaller than a human hair made of crystalline silicon, which is flexible, unlike the metal needles. When they touch the skin, customized effective serums are infused in the skin. 
The result is that skin cells are separated and re-arranged to allow nutrition to pass through the skin barrier to provide 1000% more absorption to feed the skin.

Nano infusion is clinically proven to improve:

  • Refining skin texture
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten skin
  • Can be used just above the eye and over the lip
  • Can treat acne issues (includes high frequency)
  • Peptides, stem cells ect are infused into the skin
Best of both worlds

Dermaplaning + Nano Infusion includes all of the above, however Dermaplaning is placed as the exfoliant step to remove dead skin build up from the surface of the face as well as vellus hair (aka, peach fuzz!) to give a fresh and smooth canvas for Nano-infusion. 

How many

This treatment should be booked monthly to improve the skin’s texture and hydration.

After care

We will recommend the products needed after your treatment and send you home with an aftercare goody bag with aftercare instructions.

How much


$150 – Derm + Nano (includes high frequency & LED mask

$49 – Add your chest and neck!


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