Backne TRT | Bacial Massage

“I also had the Backne Treatment as I had always had acne issues on my back. I immediately experienced a relief in inflammation and my back got much clearer. I’m not embarrassed to go without my shift in the summer.” – NV
Backne treatment 

Dealing with stubborn acne in all the wrong places? We’ve got your back! This treatment is designed to help you achieve clear, glowing skin on your back and upper shoulders. Included in every service is a skin evaluation, cleanse, exfoliation, enzyme peel, high frequency, extractions, mask application and finishing serums and moisturizers to fight your BACKNE!

“I was presently surprised what went into this service. I wasn’t expecting all of the massage gadgets used that totally put me a relaxing Zen. I left with refreshed skin, decompressed muscles and completely relaxed” – GL

Bacial massage

Don’t have acne? You don’t have to have acne for this relaxing treatment. A facial treatment but for your back that is so-often ignored! Great for those special events…weddings, prom before or after vacations or just to have a clean and moisturized back feeling. Feel the goodness!

How much 



If you have more than 10 extractions and involves extra time a $15 fee can be added.


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