Brow Lamination

“I really love how my brows have turned into the shoulder pads of my face-they make me look powerful, like I mean business. They are a feathery optimal vibe. Once you've brushed your laminated brows up, they WILL NOT FALL DOWN at all. In love!” - Maria

“WOW best of both worlds – my brow are flawlessly groomed and I now have a fuller, more bold look. These two services took care of just about all-things-brows. They now lay just the way I like, and are boldly full with no pain. I absolutely love my new brows!” – MV

What is brow lamination

INSANELY fuller looking eyebrows using your existing hair! With our regular tint. Chemically softening the inner structure of the hair by breaking some of the cross links within |between the protein chains of the hair. The hair swells, stretches and SOFTENS right before our eyes. An unbelievable transformation!.

Brow Lamination Henna

BOTOX serum is added to visually increase thickness | volume | growth. Highly pigmented henna dye tints both hairs and skin. Providing a graphic and intense result lasting at least a week on the skin and weeks on the hair. You’ll have INSANELY fuller looking brows without the use of your eyebrow make-up products. ADDICTING service.

How long does it last

With proper care the Henna tint will last up to 7 days on the skin and 4 weeks on the brow hairs. Our regular tint lasts 4 weeks on the hairs and lamination 6-8 weeks on hairs. Creating voluminous eyebrows regardless of your color type and quality of your eyebrows; works amazing on excessive correction, sparse, coarse, thin brows. Your brows will look absolutely flawless after this service.



Will this work with Microbladed Brows

Absolutely! As long as you have brow hair and your microblading is completely healed…we say “GO FOR IT” nothing wrong with adding a little more definition. This will only add thickness and detail to your microbladed brows. MAKE THEM POP!

Lamination for men
A new trend for men! This service is amazing for unruly crazy coarse brow hairs! Elevate your grooming routine and take control of your brows.

For planning you can’t get them wet for a minimum of 24-hours. We will send you home with aftercare instructions. You must use “BROWJUICE” daily to prevent extreme drying.

How much

$85 – Brow lamination + brow tint + creative shaping
$95 – Brow lamination + henna tint + brow BOTOX serum + creative shaping
$80 – Bro brow lamination + brow shaping


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