“Tonya goes all out to make you comfortable and relaxed. Her beauty isn’t just skin deep, it goes down to her inner being. Her work ethics are top notch. She doesn’t settle for an OK job. She puts her heart and soul into her work, and it shows!!! Flawless!!! Thank you Miss Conrad for not everyone puts as much pride in his or her work as you do!!! And Congratulations on the Article written about you and your business… Well done!!!! Janice


“I am SO happy with my Microbladed brows I wish I had done it years ago. The cleanliness, customer service, cost of services, and quality of work….I am beyond pleased! Thank you!” – Becky

“I am obsessed with my new Microbladed brows! They look so natural! Recommend times a million ! Will definitely get more services done here. Thank you so much! – Kendra

“Something of a needle phobic, I was most apprehensive about this much-desired procedure. Tonya immediately put me at ease with her professionalism and reassuring manner. The work was not nearly as painful as I feared and the actual work took little time to complete. Tonya spent more time on the preliminary details of providing the perfect permanent look. Something much appreciated in this client’s perspective. The end result? Astonishing glamour with continued rave reviews by friends and associates. When I share what has caused my new look they are intrigued.  Permanent cosmetics have a reputation for being anything but natural. Without a personal “heads up” from me, no one is the wiser. I highly recommend INFINIQUE for your own cosmetic needs. Future such endeavors on the part of this client would only happen under the direction of Tonya Conrad, a woman who takes her art seriously.” – LJ Erickson

“I cannot begin to say enough and tell you how much I LOVE my permanent make-up! I have received so many compliments from people at work and friends who have complimented me saying how good I look and do I have a new hairstyle or something? I am so happy I made the decision to have both my full lips and eyebrows done with you. It’s amazing how the color in my lips brighten my entire face and my brows frame my face. 

I went to 2 other consultations with people who specialize in permanent make up before meeting with you. My choice was very clear when we met. I was impressed immediately with your level of confidence.

Thank you for your professionalism along with your help and advice with decisions.
Although I joked with you about it…I really appreciate what a perfectionist you are and your extreme attention to detail!

The whole process was SO easy… I was afraid of down time and pain, both turned out to be of no concern at all. I have recommended you to a few friends now and I will continue to recommend your services. I am a VERY happy customer! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!  –Rhonda R.

“I came to Tonya not sure if I should have my brows done. My brows were always a concern as they were thin and uneven. With my concerns about my brows I was nervous about having this procedure done because I knew it would change my appearance. I am delighted and happy I decided to make the change. Tonya was very understanding with my concerns; she took her time and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. No regrets and my eyes look beautiful! I recommend Tonya to anyone considering making a change so they too can enjoy their new fresh look.”– Susan

“Thank you so much! You have no idea how much I love my eyebrows. If I had known there was such a procedure for permanent cosmetic eyebrows I would have done it years ago.  From the consultation to the procedure to the follow up appointment you were wonderful!  You took the time to listen to my concerns and your professionalism was outstanding. Other than feeling a little vibration it was a painless procedure. Every morning I wake up and look in the mirror and go WOW!  My husband, family, friends and co-workers all think they look wonderful too. If any potential clients ever want to talk to me about the procedure please put them in contact with me.  I would recommend this procedure to anyone who wants terrific looking eyebrows” – L. Jencks

“I already had good brows but with the microblading they are now more detailed and bolder. Love them” – Sherry

“I’ve lost my brows since my cancer treatments. What an amazing feeling to now look in the mirror with my perfectly shaped brows” – Ann

“Embarrassed about having no brows from over plucking. I now have perfect looking brows” – Paula

“I went from no brows to having amazing, natural looking brows. Life changing” – Shayla

“Instant face lift, I bet my eyes look 10 years longer and I don’t look tired all the time. Super excited” – Lyn

“Tonya, I can’t say enough just how happy you have made me with this small (to some), yet extremely life changing service! I was spending way too much time being concerned about how my eyebrows looked every day. I have cut off about 15-20 minutes of my morning routine thanks to you. Thank you so much!” – Customer for life

“I am still shocked with exactly how precise Tonya was with my eyebrows. Measurements upon measurements. The entire Hybrid Brow process you could tell nothing but absolute perfection is acceptable.” – Stefani

“She left me in tears I was so happy looking at my new Hybrid Brows for the first time. I am in shock of how amazing she did. This spa offers nothing but the best. Clean, professional, this is the place to go. Thank you again Tonya for making me feel beautiful! – Ponce

“I am incredibly happy with my entire experience and my Hybrid Brow results! Tonya is so talented & amazing! Love my brows!” – Jaime

“My confidence is back and my brows are back in check. Tonya did an amazing job and I love my new Hybrid Brows. Thank you Tonya!” – Aimee

I was longing for the full brow that I used to have and Tonya was able to make it a reality. I had shading done with a little microblading in front. She is professional, and listens to what the client wants. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and I am obsessed with my new brows! If you’re considering having microblading or shading done don’t hesitate to book with her.” – Amy

“Yesterday I had my eyebrows done. Tonya had done an excellent job. She is very dedicated, highly professional, and in addition to this her place is spotless, very welcoming and very relaxing. Thanks for treating me like a ”Royalty.” – Jenna

“It was my first experience and I was very nervous but after the consultation I knew I was in great hands. The place was extremely clean, Tonya is definitely perfectionist : she spends as much time as necessary to ensure the look is superb. I definitely recommend this person to everyone without any reservations. I am very happy that I found this place and extremely pleased with the result. Thank you very much!!! – DC

“The best eyebrows lady. Salon is clean, sanitized. She is kind, precise, polite, and skilled.  Max satisfaction. I recommend to everyone who is looking for perfect eyebrows.” – Char


“Let’s just say I won’t be cheating on my brow tech with anywhere else – her expertise and work is priceless. She gave me a powder dusting that was just enough to give me the boost I was craving, while sill looking natural” – Kay

“ I have tried microblading, where the pigment migrated and blurred under the hair strokes because I have oily skin. I was happy that Tonya suggested the powder brow. I FINALLY received the feathery brows I was looking for.” – Tina

“Brow magic! She gave me a shade that gives the illusion of fullness. I’m absolutely in love with my brows” – Jackie

“If you have sensitive skin (Hi, that’s me), you might be hesitant to pull the trigger on getting microbladed (also me) microshading, the beloved brow technique’s softer, gentler little sister. I’m so happy I found an option. I’m obsessed with my brows.” – Dallas

“Holy Brows! Tonya will make you feel like you’re in good hands. She’s super knowledgeable, honest, a true brow master! She transformed my brows by powder shading the let me tell you- I can’t stop looking in the mirror! Not going to lie, I have NO pain tolerance. I was super nervous but she made me so comfortable and it didn’t hurt near like I thought it would! I 100% recommend going to see her if you’ve ever even considered never having to draw your eyebrows in again!” – Jeanne

For someone that has not had eyebrows for over 40 years due to over waxing, I longed for that beautiful look I saw so many getting. When I met Elizabeth I knew she was the one for me! I love her personality, her energy and her passion for what she does! She is truly an amazing artist! She walks you through every step and is so patient and understanding! I’m so glad I waited for her!! She is truly the VERY BEST!!! Don’t wait any longer!!! Give her a call NOW! – Chelsea

“Tonya was a delight to work with! She answered all of my questions, made me feel at ease, and is a very talented permanent makeup artist. I love my new brows! I also love that she is located inside of a gorgeous classy spa, so it is was very convenient to pick up high quality skin care products and explore other luxury services. I highly recommend booking an appointment with Tonya through her convenient online reservations site. You won’t be disappointed!” – Beth

“Tonya has a perfectionist eye and listened to my concerns. She helped me choose the perfect look for my brows. I’ve received tons of compliments already! I highly recommend her and the services that she offers.” – Anglea

This was my first time having this procedure done and It was an amazing experience, my eyebrows look perfect! Tonya is a truly dedicated professional, she will go over and beyond to make sure her client is happy. And I am a 100% happy client! I will wholeheartedly recommend her services to all the ladies I know! Thank you so very much!” – Shelly


“I was feeling really discouraged about my hair loss. This was worth the splurge there’s nothing more valuable than feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. I love my results.” – Cheyenne

“This procedure realistically replicated hair stands and filled in my hairline. I can’t believe I finally found something that worked.” – Scully
“The bottom line this changed my life. I have my confidence back!” – Frank

“From a cute, sanitized environment to a thorough consultation my expectations and results from start to finish were over exceeded. Thank you.”– Debbie


“I had Permanent Upper and Lower Eyeliner done by Tonya, she did an awesome job. It’s great waking-up and having eye makeup on at age 50+ I highly recommend it.” – S.Taylor

“I have been wearing eyeliner since the age of 13 so when I heard that Tonya was a Permanent Cosmetic Specialist, I called her right away to get my Eyebrows & Eyeliner done. This was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I get up in the morning & off to work I go with no smudges or smears to fix, its great! I also thought that this procedure would hurt, but I must say all I felt was a tickle at times. I would highly recommend Permanent Cosmetics & please feel free to call me if you have any questions after talking with Tonya 920.954.7228” – M. Metz

“What a great experience and I love my new permanent eye liner! Fabulous” – Samuelson

“Tonya did my eyeliner and it is perfect. No more smudging. …As someone over 50 I love it!” – Audrey

“Getting my eyeliner done was eye lifting. Not to mention I can just get up and go” – Sandra


“For you ladies out there who have had reconstructive surgery after breast cancer, I highly recommend Tonya’s service for the Areolas Restoration. She did mine and I had wonderful results. The finished look is a very natural appearance. Tonya is very professional, particular about her work and puts you at ease during the session. She really wants her clients to look good. Thanks Tonya for the great lift to my spirits.” – M.B.

“This procedures helped improve my appearance and self esteem. I now feel “complete” – VB

“This was the finishing touch after breast surgery. I feel normal again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart” – Marie


“I had my permanent makeup done by someone else and was so unhappy with the results. Tonya made them look perfect. Thank you so much” – Tami

“Just had my brows done somewhere else and they were uneven, wrong shape and color, thank goodness Tonya was able to fix them. Life saver” – Julie

“After years of having my permanent make-up they have turned color and not the best shape for my face, I absolutely love how they look now” – Jill


“Professional and excellent work! Would recommend her Brazilians to anyone” – Wesner

“Best Brazilian I’ve ever had! The salon was clean & cute, the service was quick and efficient, and Tonya was very professional. Definitely going back” – Paris

“Even though I had read about waxing body hair and had a friend in Texas who regularly had legs, arms, underarms, and bikini areas waxed, I was hesitant to try to find an aesthetician around here (and a little embarrassed!). After a local friend of mine received a treatment from Tonya, I quickly booked my own. I was very impressed with Tonya’s professional atmosphere and manner and even more impressed with the results!! After only a few treatments, I have barely any hair growth in the underarm and bikini area. That is such a time saver!! I would highly recommend this to anyone struggling to maintain topnotch grooming!” – Joan

“Tonya is amazing! I love going to her because she puts you at ease with whatever service you may be needing! She is very professional, kind, and quick! I won’t go anywhere else for my Brazilian!” – Denae

“I have been a client of Tonya’s for almost a year. She has been very professional and friendly at each appointment. Her spa is a relaxing, clean, and comfortable environment.  I think I comment every time that I love her choices of music. She is very fast with waxing, and the pain is always very minimal. Tonya offers a large selection of services. She has made suggestions of services that she thinks would benefit me, but she is not pushy. Tonya always leaves me with the impression that she only wants the best for her clients.” – Tacia

“Tonya is very professional, has a clean and relaxed environment and is super efficient.  I recommend her to anyone that wants a great wax!” – Sara

“Fastest and most efficient Brazilian I ever had. One can appreciate that and I don’t dread it every month” – Forever A Client

“I and out Brazilians only 10-15 minutes! My last couple took 30-45 minutes I almost gave up on the service because of the torcher at other spa’s. I’m so happy I found you!” – Ann

“I have been a client of Tonya’s for almost a year. She has been very professional and friendly at each appointment.  Her salon is a relaxing, clean, and comfortable environment.  I think I comment every time that I love her choices of music.  She is very fast with waxing, and the pain is always very minimal. Tonya offers a large selection of services. She has made suggestions of services that she thinks would benefit me, but she is not pushy. Tonya always leaves me with the impression that she only wants the best for her clients” – Tracia

“After only 2 Brazilians I have more than 70% less hair growth back. Amazing!! I’ll never go back to shaving again” – Davison



“This treatment seemed rather intimidating to me to tell the truth but wasn’t bad at all. My skin looks noticeably more “glowing” is the only way I can describe it. The dullness I had before is gone and it definitely looks more youthful. I ended up loving this treatment and the results.” – BJ

“I definitely noticed the biggest improvement after the first treatment. I was a hug picker as a teenager and suffered from embarrassing acne scarring. It evenly smoothed out my skin texture and I barley see any scaring. It was definitely worth the cost for me” – JV

“Over the next few days I saw a difference in improvement of fine lines and much more uniform skin tone.  I also realized my dark circles under my eyes nearly disappeared! Yes, it works for men, too. And I’m not embarrassed. I will be back for more” – Greg

“Dewy glow for a few weeks. My skin felt hydrated, rejuvenated, and I no longer had as deep under-eye circles as I did before the treatment. It was really amazing to see the entire process of the treatment. I definitely will be doing it again to see more consistent results.” – Corine

I think microneedling with PRP is one of the more “worth it” pricey treatments. I’d say the only thing stopping people from receiving this treatment is the price tag. But unlike a chemical peel, the stimulation from microneedling with PRP enhances the collagen you already have in your dermis. The more you do it consistently, the faster you’ll notice results. I noticed that the PRP worked under my eyes, making me look less tired and brightening them up a bit. This treatment has definitely convinced me to use more PRP therapy. I would honestly recommend this to anyone! Anyone can benefit from microneedling (especially with PRP) to improve the overall tone, vitality and glow.” – Kimmy



“Great facial with results. I loved how my face looked and felt for weeks after this treatment” – Linda

“Instantly my skin felt rejuvenated” – Jess

“So many different steps in this treatment. Best facial I ever had” – Carol


“Dermaplaning is the best facial treatment I have ever had. I can’t believe all the gross stuff that comes off my face.  My skin feels and looks amazing, super clean, glowing. My products at home are actually working. I will get this service done every month to stay looking rejuvenated.” – Britt

“I have been a client of Infinique’s for several years, her facials are very relaxing.  The room is warm, inviting and she has a great selection of music. The products she uses smell wonderful. Tonya has “the touch” gentle, yet you know your skin is getting just what it needs.  I have a facial every 6-8 weeks.

I also have Tonya tint and shape my eyebrows; she does a great job there too.  They look natural, and with a little color it makes my face brighter.  I look and feel better after my appointment with Tonya.” – Susan P.

“I am 53 yrs.’ old and have been coming to Tonya for 3 years for Microdermabrasion-SkinMaster Facial Treatments. My skin looks fresher, younger and many of my scarring from acne and too much sun have almost disappeared. I also use the Oxygen Botanical line suggested by her; a little goes a long way with these products” – B

“The Holy Grail of skin care! I have tried many skin products over the past 20 years and I can honestly say the Oxygen line that Tonya carries is my absolute favorite! I have sensitive skin and use to go to my doctor for products (which did not “do anything special ” to my skin and ended up being very expensive.)  The entire product line Tonya carries is amazing, it works!!! It makes my skin look dewy ~ youthful and feels great! ( as a bonus I love the fresh scent to the oxygen line ) As a business owner I appreciate Tonya’s professionalism, knowledge, and old fashion custom service. She spent time with me selecting products that we re right for me. Her new boutique is simply dazzling with comfortable furniture while you wait, conveniently located in Appleton with plenty of parking. I’m also a lip balm addict – so ladies try the 30 SPF buttery lip balm Tonya carries. It’s free of parabens etc. and lasts for 12 hours! Good by dry lips! I can’t say enough about Tonya’s facials, simply invigorating! Ladies… put Tonya on your ” Must have “list! I can’t wait to go back!!!’   – Heidi Lee

“I visited Infinique Skin & Spa at 334 N Mall Dr Appleton, WI 54913. I had an amazing facial.  One of the very best I ever had.” – Diane

“OMG I couldn’t believe everything that came off my face. This is the best my skin has ever felt” – Matty

“My skin has never felt so clean. Customer every month” – Niki

“I get this done because I hate my facial hair, the added benefits of removing my dead skin cells and my skin looking amazing is just added plus” – Kari


“I never suffered from acne or breakouts until mask wearing. I saw visible results after one treatment!” – Lisa

“Affective acne treatment that helps my breakouts from having to wear a mask at work fulltime. This treatment saves me every month.” – John

“Best quick treatment with results.” – Sean


“My skin tone has been uneven since my early twenties when I struggled with terrible cystic acne. After just couple treatments I saw a huge improvement in my overall skin.” – Neil

“I saw a significant improvement in my facial lines and texture of my skin was glowing.” – Mary

“My skin was so rejuvenated I started receiving compliments on my skin. I’m hooked on this treatment every 6 weeks.” – Ann


“I suffered with big pores, textural issues and scaring. This is by far the best facial combo treatment ever!” – Dawn

“I would 100% do this treatment again and again and again. No downtime and glowing skin results.” – Jill

“I can feel much more comfortable leaving my skin makeup free. My skin is amazingly smooth. Love the vampire jelly mask!” – Kim

“My skin instantly seemed tighter and firmer, pores smaller and texture super smooth. I also noticed a huge difference in my hyperpigmentation. Happy client!” – Kelly

“As a older guy I started getting self conscious of aging and my sun damage skin. This combo treatment was crazy effective. Years literally fell off!” – Rob

“An overall “glow” like no other facial! I’m obsessed” – Nichole


“I had a chemical peel with the Dermaplaning, absolutely hands down the best treatment I ever had” – Tara

“I’m addicted to the dermapeel treatment. I can’t live without it, I get one every 6 weeks” – Dawn

“I get the Beta peel for my acne and it has almost completely cleared up my skin in just a few visits” – Maureen

“I get the beta peel for my acne. Every couple months this has helped my skin clear up. Tonya also gave me great tips to use at home.” – Kat


“I’ve been getting eyelash extensions for a year now with Infinique. Would recommend anyone looking for the service to go to here! They’re fantastic at what they do and make you feel right at home! – Alissa

“I got lashes because I work in surgery… the only thing people see are my eyes. So I wanted them to look great even without mascara! I highly recommend Infinique for amazing results!” – Kim

“It takes some time, the initial appointment, but the fills are much quicker. She was super gentle with my lashes and very specialized.  She is very detailed with application and informative with all my questions.  It was so relaxing, I fell asleep. Now, I just get up for work and go! Numerous colleagues comment on my lashes and how beautiful (and long) they are. I’m not telling anyone they aren’t mine.” – Our little secret

“I got lashes because I work in Surgery. The only thing people see are my eyes so I wanted them to look great even without Mascara! I highly recommend Infinique for amazing results!” – Kim

“I adore my lashes! They feel like my own and are so comfortable. I’m really surprised since I had such a bad past experience. Even my husband who was crabby about the price compliments me. Thank you so much!.” – Amber

“I get facial waxing and eyebrow and lash tinting. I have very small eyes and the tinting really opens up them up and it looks like I have mascara on all the time-this lasts about every 6 weeks or so. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to better their facial appearance.” – Judy B.

“I have red hair so my eyelashes and eyebrows are pretty much nonresistant. The brow and lash tinting is amazing. I look like I have mascara on when I wake up and my eyebrows are beautifully shaped and you can see them without brow pencil” – May

“You can’t see my brows or lashes. So embarrassing I look terrible without makeup. This service saves me time everyday” – Jenna

“I don’t skip an appointment I love my brows after my brow tinting and shaping” – Ty

“This service is so wonderful! I get a lash lift from Infinique and staff is sweet, professional, and very knowledgeable.” – Alyssa

“Got a lash lift and tint. I would highly recommend this service to anyone.” – Jessica

“I have stick straight lashes this service is amazing” – Sheng

“I never new there was such a thing as lash lifting oh my gosh this service rocks. I really hated using my eyelash curler. I get this done every 2 months absolutely love it!” – Bailey

“Life changing service I have super blonde lashes I get them tinted black with a nice bend every month and a half. I’m hooked!” – Trish

“I can’t live without this service especially when traveling or on vacation! – Renee

“I have very little brow hairs that are sparse and point straight down the results left me speechless fuller tamed brows like WOW!” – Ashley

“My brow hairs are unruly this service perfectly shaped them into a desired shape and position.” – Martha

“YES! Perfectly polished fuller results.” – Laura

“I have thinning brows and unruly this service dramatically leveled them up.” – Tiff

“The results are, quite frankly astounding! I appear to have grown actual thick eyebrows in this service.” – Karly


“Was looking for this service everywhere! Love my unique smile with my little gem. I get tons of compliments” – Sherry

“Flawless application what a fun service” – Abbey

“My sparkling smile lasts for months COOLEST idea.” – Carin

“Got an immediate response after sending a text. Gem application was quick, fun and I keep getting compliments.” –Heidi

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