PMU Brow Class

PMU brow certification class

You will train one on one with Master level PMU Artist Tonya M Conrad. Miss Conrad has over 13 years PMU experience and over 20 years in owning Infinique skin | brow | lash a successful Beauty Aesthetics business and Infinique Academy.

Infinique Academy’s brow course will teach its students the secrets to creating the most natural looking brows using several different techniques.

Since the procedure is semi-permanent; it requires extra attention to detail in every step from measuring, drawing of the shape to applying hair strokes and shading. You must have a steady hand, and accurate vision.

We prefer you hold a cosmetology, tattoo, esthetician license, current student; you’re a makeup artist or have a big passion for brows. Success is easier if students have some kind of knowledge in brow artistry to take this brow advance course seriously.

NOTE: To begin practicing in your area, you will need to check with your local county health department and inquire about the licensing needed to perform permanent makeup. Every city | county has different rules and regulations for artists to practice PMU. Make sure to check your state/county/city regulations. This is not our responsibility. 

Continued training and practicing is needed to perfect in the art of Microblading and Microshading. Although we certainly hope no guarantees or promises are made that the student will be successful after their training. This solely is up to the individual to practice, practice, and practice. In this industry you are never are done learning. Tonya has spent tens of thousands of dollars in continued education. Recently attending 2023 largest PMU’S Vegas Conference. Working and learning from the leading artists from around the world. 

Miss Conrad will train what she found works best for her since 2010. Additional training, practice and research are usually needed in this revolving trade to perfect your own personal skills.

 “ I have spent tens of thousands in my training over the years and I still attend a training every few years to perfect my skills. This industry revolves quickly and if you’re not dialed in it will leave you behind. We are never done learning.” – Tonya

Tonya has recently joined forces with Girls Ink. This gives students an overall top-notch training course with tons of continued support. Students will have training online in several areas preparing them before hands on procedures.

Course outline
  • You will gain full knowledge of every aspect of Hybrid Brow – Tonya’s Signature Brow procedure (Microblading | Microshading techniques) as well as various hair strokes and powder application skills. We will go in depth of every necessary step in creating these brows.

Online training PRIOR to hands on training:

  • Needle Theory
  • Color Theory
  • Machine & Movements
  • Brow Mapping
  • A physical workbook with practice sheets
  • Full training kit with most supplies needed to get started to take clients
  • 2-3 days training depending how many students enrolled
  • Small class size training is limited to 3 students
  • 1-2 models taken under instructors supervision
  • Tonya’s eyebrow shape and style (student should know how to shape a brow) 
  • Artistry and symmetry
  • Skin structure
  • Safety & sterilization
  • Touch on covering old tattoos
  • Tools and products used
  • Before and after care
  • Before and after pictures
  • Procedure room setup
  • Over see consultations (if there’s any scheduled)
  • Certificate of completion
  • Option to participate in shadow day for a refresher on your skills
  • Business basics
Class cost


  • ½ down deposit required to register and schedule dates of training (deposit is nonrefundable) 
  • Remaining balance has to be collected 72 hours before training date starts
  • Dates are unchangeable. Once you reserve your training times and dates you will not be able to reschedule. So much time and prep goes into preparing for your class. Models are already booked at a very discounted price 

Below are earning estimates. All numbers are approximate and may vary depending on clientele, location and marketing. Tips are not included.

$450-$700 – Avg Brow Fee

$2,550 – Avg Weekly Income (6 Clients)

$132,600 – Avg Annual Income


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