Liquid Bio-Microneedling

“I was looking for an intense facial treatment without the chemicals. This was a concern since I was trying to get pregnant. Truly was the best treatment I ever had. I did the recommended Dermaplane and Bio 1st. I noticed such a difference after a week  so I kept going with a series of them. My skin never looked and felt so good” – Molly 
Proud to be the 1st in Wisconsin to offer this ground breaking, results driven treatment.
What is bio-microneedling

Sponge spicules are grown in fresh water lakes a kind of siliceous bio-microneedle that are extracted from the sponge. The sponges are pure, natural, vegan and contain no chemicals or acids. It can stimulate the dermis of the skin and start skin surface microcirculation, improve the capillary stoma-blocking phenomenon, accelerate the natural exfoliation of the aging cuticle. It can be seen as powder to the naked eye and as a sharp crystal needles under the microscope.

How does it work

The key ingredient is SPONGE SPICULES, which is a pure and natural biological extract. It is much more advanced than algae and seaweed and 100% natural without any chemicals or acid. 

It is a tiny needle that can only be seen with a microscope. 3-5 MILLION needles are pierced into the skin at the same time through hand massage. This will speed up skin metabolism and stimulate collagen regeneration. They are so small they can penetrate into your skin pores and deeper into the dermis. This stimulates the body’s scar healing response and increases skin cell renewal. The creation of collagen and elastin is initiated as your skin heals, giving you an almost instant plumping effect.

The skin cells regenerate at a much faster rate than any other collagen inducing treatment and results can be seen in as immediately after or as little as 7 days!!! After the treatment the skin will peel off naturally within 3 days or choose a NO PEEL OPTION. New skin can be obtained within 7 days. Safe for sensitive skin, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • Acne and scar reduction
  • Skin tightening
  • Skin hydration
  • Lifting and rejuvenation
  • Smooth skin and increase the elasticity
  • Minimize pore-size
  • Improves wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduce stretch marks
  • Reduce pigmentation
  • Increase plumpness and younger looking skin
What’s included

This procedure includes the neck. For women it includes neck, chest and cleavage. Includes full facial with hot and cold steam used for skin comfort, cooling repair mask, cold quartz stone mask, high frequency and LED mask.

What to expect after

Redness will occur in most people immediately after and for 1-2 days, this is a normal reaction. You will feel little picks when touching your skin this will subside in about 24-48 hours. You will feel relatively dry for the first few days after the treatment because of the skin cell renewal process. You will be given a post-procedure pack to take care of your skin following your treatment. Peeling can be expected from day 3, which is a normal response and can vary between clients and different skin conditions OR CHOOSE OUR NO PEEL OPTION.

How many

We recommend the 1st, 3rd and 5th to be paired with a DERMAPLANE! This is to clean the skin slate for infusion. Treatments can be spaced as early as 2 weeks apart, depending on your skin concern.

After care

We will recommend the products needed after your treatment and send you home with an aftercare goody bag with aftercare instructions. We do recommend our silver product gel or spray form to help yield any itching or picking. And possibly an ice pack to sooth the skin.

How much

$195 – Dermaplane + Bio-Microneedling (with or without peeling effect)

$180 – Bio-Microneedling (with or without peeling effect)

Ozone Plasma add on

This function treatment can be added to any of our skin treatments to boost their effectiveness and address multiple concerns. With improvements in skin tightness, acne and rosacea skin after multiple sessions. A lovely tightening sensation is felt afterwards with the ability to manipulate the skin in the deeper layers, leading to excellent results of your treatment.

How much

$75 (this is an add-on treatment only and cant be scheduled by itself)


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