Maskne Acne TRT

“This was great for my teenagers! They’re at the age of breakouts and they listen more to these girls then me to wash their face. There acne and blackheads were addressed with many skin devices. I want to be proactive so they don’t suffer form acne scars later on” – Janet 
What is maskne

Maskne is a new term for the skin breakouts and flare-ups caused by irritation from a cloth or medical mask. Maskne usually appears in the form of smaller whiteheads erupting where your mask rubs against the skin in areas like the bridge of the nose, the cheeks, or the jawline.

Maskne can also include deeper, irritated pimples, but stress is the more likely culprit for that type of acne. In general, maskne is caused by friction. As a mask rubs against the skin, it irritates the top layer, clogging pores with sebum, dirt, and bacteria.

What can you expect

This 45 minute customized treatment provides deep pore cleansing and toning to restore your skin. A gentle but deep exfoliation is done using an ultra-sonic wet peel to remove dirt, oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. Works like a vacuum lifting dead skin cells and debris from the skin. This is gentle and safe on all skin types with no down time or peeling of the skin.

Then followed by using a High frequency vibration accelerating the blood circulation to improve your skin conditions. With the high frequency current eliminate acne and pimples. Each client’s treatment will be customized to his or her skin needs.

How often should I get

Results are seen after the very first treatment; however, by using our skincare line at home, much more dramatic results will be visible after a series of treatments.  We recommend you follow a once a month (treatment) plan for maintenance.

Maskne prevention tips

In order to prevent and minimize maskne, face masks should be cleaned after each use to avoid the buildup of dirt and bacteria.

Keep three or four masks on hand so you can rotate them throughout the week and avoid using a grimy mask. After washing, store masks in a cool, dry place to ward off bacteria.

It’s also important to maintain stellar oral hygiene by brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash daily.Remember, all the bacteria in your mouth will be trapped right next to your skin when wearing a mask. Think about that next time you’re tempted to swap your toothbrush for a breath mint. Believe it or not, oral hygiene makes a big difference in your skin when you’re wearing a face mask every day.

Pro-tip: Keep a travel-size mouthwash in your bag and swish a few times each day.

Next, opt for a face mask material that’s gentle and minimizes rubbing on the skin. Silk masks are a great option to minimize friction, but the fabric is very delicate and must be hand-washed. There might be a little trial and error involved when finding the right mask fabric. As a rule of thumb, if a mask causes unnecessary rubbing, try a different size or type.

One upside to wearing masks is less need for heavy makeup products that tend to clog your pores! Try going bare-faced more often, especially from the nose down. Most people won’t see under your mask anyway, and this step can definitely improve any pimples or irritation.

In addition to choosing the right mask, it is vital to hydrate your skin. All that friction and rubbing caused by wearing a mask sucks the moisture from your skin. Those with maskne should choose a gentle moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated without adding extra oil. It might seem counterintuitive to moisturize your breakouts, but dry pimples and sores will only add insult to injury and create more rubbing. Hydration is your skin’s first line of defense against that pesky face mask.  We recommend our Light Aloe Moisturizer.


We recommend our Silver Topical Gel for healing and clearing acne.

How much


$49 – ADD ON your chest and neck to any facial treatment. Extra time needed and cost. It is beneficial to add neck and chest.

$20 – ADD ON Hydro Jelly mask CHARCOAL 

$15 – ADD ON extra extractions


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